Phase 1 & 2 Completed Successfully!!!

Completed Successfully!!!

1 Onet Token: $0.10
Total supply of Tokens: 15 Million

Completed Successfully!!!

1 Onet Token: $0.10
Total supply of Tokens: 15 Million

Why To Choose ONET Coin

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Trustworthy Exchange

The users update the blockchain themselves making it a transparent mode of transfer as it eliminates the risk of fraud and theft.

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User Empowerment

The user using the ONET coin has the information and control over all the transactions made making the user more involved in the process.

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The decentralized nature of the blockchain secures your money, as no federal agency or government can freeze or shut your account making it accessible to you anywhere and at any time.

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The blockchain is updated by the users on a public ledger creating a transparent structure. Any transaction that has been entered in the blockchain cannot be hence altered.

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Powerful Blockchain System

The blockchain is a digital public ledger for keeping track of all the transactions made through cryptocurrency. It is in a way a self-auditing system that is absolutely immune to alteration.

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ONET coin is the most stable cryptocurrency. This is because of the unique features of Fluctuation control system, an evolving hash algorithm, strong blockchain and a hybrid coin incorporated in it.

Our Roadmap

2016 Q3

- Birth of Idea.
- Assemble a Team of Software Developers.
- Assemble a Professional Team for handling operations & Partnership Meetings.

2016 Q4

- Idea for Universal Wallet
- R&D on problems related to Virtual Payment Wallet

2017 Q2

- Development of Blockchain to build a scalable Platform
- Legal Formalities

2017 Q3

- Planning Events & Seminars for awareness
- Whitepaper
- Investor meets

2017 Q4

- Launch of Token Sale through ICO
- Testing Integration of Multiple Wallets in Onet Wallet
- Arranging Events in different countries for Crypto Enthusiasts

2018 Q1

- Distribution of coins through ICO
- Listing of OnetCoins in different Exchanges

2018 Q2

- Promoting in different countries
- Collaborating with different Financial Market
- Integration of Physical Wallet

2018 Q4

- Occuping Majority of Financial Markets
- Collaborating with multiple wallets & providing a fully Integrated Wallet.


- Worldwide Expansion - Improving blockchain to handle every financial sector transaction
- Developing a transformational Blockchain Platform that will Orchestrate the evolution and Integration of different financial transactions to the blockchain platform

Where Can ONET Coin Be Used?


Remittance is the payment that immigrants send to their countries of origin via wire transfer or online transfer. ONET coin thereby creates a safe and transparent environment for these major transfers that have the capability to affect financial markets.

International Trade

International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of the (GDP). It is in this market that ONET ventures to provide a transparent, safe and resilient mode of payment.


Mr. Sergie Kovalev

Chief Promoter

Onet’s visionary and Co-founder, Mr. Sergie Kovalev, has immense proficiency in the field of science and management. With over 23 years of experience in the economic and socio-economic sector, he has been constantly researching and innovating over various ideas that can help the ingenious blockchain technology, reach a new high. Mr. Sergie Kovalev has been passionate about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, ever since its inception in 2009. With ONET, Sergie Kovalev envisions cryptocurrency, to not just substitute but replace the fiat money.

Token Sale Terms

Purchase methods accepted: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Maximum coin supply: 200 million

Pre Mine : 40 million

Total token sold in ICO: 30 million

Technology : Hybrid

Block time : 2 minutes

Rewards : 4 coins

Token Distribution

75% of 40 million for ICO

15% of 40 million for VOLATILITY MANAGEMENT

10% of 40 million for TEAM